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North Wales Homes Launched

27/06/11 Property

As you can see, we have now launched the new North Wales Homes website.

North Wales Homes showcases property that is for sale or rent in the North Wales area, although — currently — we have no property data on the site.

This is because a lot of the back—end and members system is still under development and in testing, but we want to get some presence on the web, plus also show to prospective users and members what they are to expect from the site.

If you are an estate agent, leasing agent, private seller or interested in advertising here, then please feel free in contacting us.

If you are looking to buy or rent in North Wales, then contact us and opt in to our newsletter subscription list, and we’ll contact you when the site is fully launched and there are properties for you to view.

Lots of choice

The property types we will be showcasing for rent or sale include:

  • housing
  • flats / apartments
  • semi—detached and detached property
  • terraced houses
  • bungalows
  • new builds
  • commercial
  • residential property
  • office space
  • holiday homes
  • ... and more — If you can live in it, we’ll list it!

Comprehensive searching

North Wales Homes has an intuitive, easy to use, property search, where you can search for properties to buy or rent via:

  • keyword search
  • interactive map of North Wales counties
  • a—z listing of North Wales towns

You can also refine you results by

  • location
  • property type
  • rooms
  • minimum / maximum price
  • extra keywords

You can also filter your results to make your search more concise and targeted.

From there you can add potential properties of interest to a wish—list for comparison, before contacting the agents or private seller to take things further.

So much detail

Each property has its own page, offering you photos, video and location — as well as details on price, rooms, dimensions and nearby amenities and conveniences.

You can also download relevant documents and share property information via social networks and email.

More to come

From here on in, we intend to enhance and improve this site constantly, to ensure we are making use of all the latest technology — as and when it is available, and also to ensure we are right at the fore of usability and user experience.

Expect a mobile friendly version of this site very soon, as well as more web and mobile apps for an ever—improving experience for buyers and sellers alike.

So here are the keys to North Wales Homes for you to look around. We’ve not put the furniture in yet, but — I’ll think you’ll agree — it’s already feeling homely and we’re ready to take your offers!

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