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28/06/11 North Wales

I was born in North Wales. I grew up in North Wales. And now — after a fair few years living in the city — I live and work in North Wales.

It’s an incredible place, and with everyday that passes I appreciate it more.

Everything you could want

North Wales could be the right move for you. If you are looking to perhaps move to North Wales, here is a list of some of the boxes it could tick for you:

  • Out with the wild life, and in with the wildlife? You have all of the best of nature on your doorstep — beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, rolling hills and more.
  • Need your city fix? It only takes a short drive of 1—2 hours to get to vibrant cities such as Liverpool and Manchester. Even London can be only a 3—4 hour train ride.
  • Want more for your money? Property in North Wales is generally at a much lower price compared to other areas of the UK, meaning you get more for your money.
  • Like to stretch out? North Wales offers you space — and all the fresh sea air and magnificent views that comes with it.
  • Is more history your future? North Wales also brings with it charm and culture. Ancient castles, quaint villages and un—touched coastlines.
  • Move and get moving! A perfect area for those who love sport and recreational activities. North Wales boasts some of the great golf courses, incredible locations for walking, climbing, running, biking and hiking. And let’s not forget watersports both on sea and on many of North Wales’ great lakes and rivers.

We’ve only scratched the surface, and — much like those magnificent rolling hills — I could go on and on. North Wales is truely beautiful, and a great location to set up home.

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